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Below you can find information about the bursary application and selection processes which finished in July 2017.

The TWIST project (Training With Stakeholders – Applying European Addiction Research) funded by the European Commission provides a two-day training programme, aimed at early stage addiction professionals, embedded within the scope and programme of Lisbon Addictions 2017, the second European Conference on Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies.

Who is the target audience? TWIST brings together over 140 early stage addiction professionals – from academic, clinical, public and civil sector organisations – with experts from research and non-research stakeholder groups. The project is working to ensure balance and diversity in terms of geography, ability, gender, and career stage.

The TWIST Training in Lisbon Addictions 2017 - The topics, contents and delivery formats of the TWIST training programme have been conceptualised and designed through a participatory process consisting of an online interactive open survey for stakeholders on the training programme, and an on-site co-creation workshop in Barcelona, aimed at defining meaningful training sessions and pathways within the programme of Lisbon Addictions 2017.
TWIST bursaries will cover the flight, hotel, daily lunches and Lisbon Addictions 2017 conference fees for training programme participants.

Eligibility criteria for applicants:

  • To be an early stage professional working in or entering drug/addiction fields, with less than 8 years since latest formal academic qualification
  • To be resident in a European Union country or neighbouring country
  • To complete the online TWIST Development Survey
  • To complete the TWIST Bursary application form and provide supporting information for selection by the application deadline (18h CET+1, 30/06/2017)

Participants have been selected on the basis of their need for support, the relevance of their academic and/or professional activity to addictions and drug policies and practices, and the scope and achievements of the academic and/or professional practice of the applicant in accordance with their career stage. TWIST is committed to ensuring balance and diversity in terms of geography, ability, gender, and career stage.