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The Lisbon Addictions Conference 2017 and TWIST Training Sessions have now finished.

The 19 TWIST training sessions were designed to fit with the Lisbon Addictions Conference programme (LxAddictions 2017), to enhance understanding and involvement in the conference and support early-stage professionals attending Lisbon to make fuller use of the science presented there.

(Click on the TWIST titles in the table below to open a brief discription of the session. pdf pic You can download presentations and supporting material, or listen to podcasts on the topics in the right hand column )

Session 1

 01 Mike Catchpole pic

Mike Catchpole

01 DRID PPT pic
Session 2

 New monitoring tools

 02 Jane Mounteney picJane Mounteney

 02 Liesbeth VandamLiesbeth Vandam

Session 3

03 Michal MiovskýMichal Miovský

03 Richard PatesRichard Pates

Session 4

Treatment of problem drug use

04 Thomas Clausen
Thomas Clausen
04 Ivar Skeie
Ivar Skeie
04 Clausen pic
 04 Skeie pic

Listen to Suzi Gage interview the trainer of this session:

Listen to "Treating Problem Drug Use" on Spreaker.

Session 5


05 Eva HochEva Hoch

05 Chris FriemelChris Friemel

 05 Cannabis pic
Session 6 Gambling and behavioural addictions

06 Henrietta Bowden JonesHenrietta Bowden-Jones

06 Annika LindbergAnnika Lindberg

An overview of the 1st presentation will be available shortly
(Henrietta Bowden-Jones) 
06 Annika Lindberg pic

Session 7

Defining & diagnosing Addiction 

 07 Jürgen RehmJürgen Rehm 

07 Vladimir PoznyakVladimir Poznyak

07 Jurgen Rehm pic
07 V Poznyak pic
Session 8 Misuse of Medicines

  08 Cathy StannardCathy Stannard

08 Roger KnaggsRoger Knaggs

 08 Mis of Meds pic
Session 9  

Drug Policy Developments

09 Jindřich Vobořil
Jindřich Vobořil 
 09 polic dev pic
Session 10

Preventing harms and problems from substance use 

10 Harry Sumnall 2

Harry Sumnall

10 Fabrizio FaggianoFabrizio Faggiano


Listen to Suzi Gage interview the trainer of this session:

Listen to "Preventing Harms and Problems from Drug Use - Prof. Harry Sumnall" on Spreaker.

Session 11 A conversation about international addiction agencies

11 Cees Goos

Cees Goos

Session 12 Alcohol

12 Toni GualToni Gual

12 Pablo BarrioPablo Barrio

12 alc pic
Session 13 Impact & costs of addiction

13 Rosalie PaculaRosalie Pacula

13 Claudia Costa StortiClaudia Costa Storti

 The authors are not able to make this presentation available


Session 14 Sex & gender

14 Marta TorensMarta Torrens

14 Gabriele FischerGabriele Fischer

 14 sex gender pic
Listen to Suzi Gage interview the trainers of this session:
Session 15 NPS & New trends

15 Paolo DelucaPaolo Deluca 

15 Andreas KimgardAndreas Kimergard

15 NPS pic
Session 16 Discussion: Sexuality, Chemsex and club drugs – what are the priorities?

16 Owen Bowden Jones

Owen Bowden Jones

 16 Chemsex pic
Listen to Suzi Gage interview the trainer of this session:
Session 17 How to surf and survive scientific literature

17 Marica Ferri

Marica Ferri

 17 sci lit pic
Session 18 Tailored Digital Health interventions and addiction

18 Hein de VriesHein de Vries

18 Kei Long Cheung 

Kei Long Cheung

18 Digi health pic
Session 19 Neuroscience
19 Fernando Rodriguez
Fernando Rodriguez de Fonseca

19 Olga Vallverde

Olga Valverde Granados

19 Neuro pic

You can also download the TWIST programme in Lisbon Addictions as a PDF file